Built to last

P&A's Vern Peterson was recently featured in the Columbian! Read the headline news, here:

"Dena Strong and Vern Peterson carved out their careers in two completely different businesses. But their small Clark County companies share something in common: They're turning 50 this year. As longevity goes, that's nothing to sneeze at. Many small businesses would kill to last that long…"

Full story at the Columbian...


Recently seen in the news

We were recently published in The Reflector and Vancouver Business Journal for our 50th anniversary. Here is an excerpt from The Reflector.

Back in 1962, Vern Peterson set out to provide world-class accounting services in Clark County. Half a century later, Peterson & Associates has served generations of clients and continues to grow. The firm will celebrate this accomplishment, alongside their clients and community partners, on Tues., Sept. 25 at Bethany Vineyard and Winery in Ridgefield...

Full story at The Reflector


Serving the Great Northwest since 1962


A New Look to Celebrate - We’ve been around long enough to know that things change.  As part of the celebration we are updating a few things around here to better serve our clients and our community. We will be rolling out our updated communication pieces including an updated website over the course of the 2012 year.

Same People, Same Great Service - Even though we might look a little different, we are still the same people and the same company, committed to providing outstanding accounting and financial services to our clients.

We are very grateful for the relationships we’ve built over the past years and we look forward to serving all of you and building new relationships in the years to come.

Here’s to a great year in 2012!